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Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Map of RwandaAre you looking for gorilla tour in Rwanda or a personalized tour which would take you anywhere you want to go within Rwanda and East Africa? Abacus African vacations is here to make your safari holiday in Rwanda a personal, affordable, and enjoyable experience! We are a safari company based in East Africa, specialising in organizing private and group package tours in Rwanda. Organize your safari in Rwanda by the help of experienced tour operator organizing safaris throughout Africa. Our tours take you to all amazing places in Rwanda, home to nearly half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. With our expertise we know that we can answer all your questions and help you book your dream safari to Rwanda. Join us for a Rwanda safari, and discover a country that offers one of the most memorable wildlife encounters on earth.

About Rwanda

Rwanda CultureRwanda is a beautiful country found in Eastern Africa. Located a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is among the top adventure places in Africa. Despite its troubled past that was characterised by the genocide that claimed about 800,000 people in only 100 days, Rwanda is one of the new comers on Africa's tourism market offering several world class adventures. Over the past decade, Rwanda has received by thousands interested in gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking, volunteering and those interested in cultural tours. Rwanda has a lot to see on your holiday in Africa. From the rare mountain gorillas to birds, Rwanda has imense tourist attractions, a rich history and cultural experiences to share! Join us on our journeys of adventure, discovery and exploration through out Rwanda with our Rwanda Safaris that are offered all year round.

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Tailor Made Safaris in Rwanda

Create Your Own TripFor a holiday in Rwanda, you have to choose from our wide range of activities and prepare for a seriously good wildlife experience! Though most of Rwanda tours take in gorilla trekking in the fabled Volcanoes National Park, there is a lot to include on your Rwanda Safari. From game viewing and bird watching in Akagera National Park, to lesiure holidays and volunteer trips in Rwanda, we can add anything that you may want to undertake on your Rwanda tour. Not forgetting chimpanzee tracking in the primates packed Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda has a lot to include in a trip within East Africa. Therefore to make your holiday more personal, just let us know your preferences, interests and priorities. When would you like to visit Rwanda? Which places would you like to cover during your stay? Where would you like to explore?. our staff will be glad to assist you in creating a custom-designed safari that will fit your interests. To inquire for a custom holiday in Rwanda please proceed and complete our simple questionnaire.

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Rwanda Gorillas - Facts

Rwanda is home to nearly half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. with only about 720 Rwanda Baby Gorillamountain gorillas thriving in the forests of Uganda, Rwanda and congo, trekking the mountain gorillas is one of the most unique wildlife encounters, one can have on this earth! Trekking amongst the mountain gorillas of Rwanda is a heartwarming and memorable life changing experience - one of the richest and exciting experiences on earth. Each visit immerses you in the gorilla's kingdom, surrounding you with fantastic views of bamboo forests, lush jungle and the exotic sounds of turraco bird calls and the chatter of golden monkeys. Gorilla Trekking is a worthwhile adventure and Africa’s indisputable safari highlight.

The lush and forested slopes form a dramatic natural setting for your face-to-face encounter with the gorillas. Trekking with these gentle giants through the damp, misty undergrowth gives you the adventurous experience of the first explorers. And standing amongst them as they eat, play, groom and rest - acting in every way like our own families - will take your breath away and leave you smiling for ages. Meeting mountain gorillas in their misty natural habitat, where the courageous and famous American primatologist Dian Fossey lived, died and was buried while protecting them, is a privilege one shouldn't miss in life. As Sir David Attenborough said, "There is more meaning and understanding in exchanging a glance with a gorilla than any other animal I know." See our packaged gorilla tours or customize your gorilla tour in Rwanda.